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Tuesday, March 04, 2014

Tylenol Ingredient Acetaminophen Linked To ADHD In Children

Acetaminophen, the active ingredient in Tylenol, has been linked to the development of symptoms generally associated with attention deficit hyperactivity disorder (ADHD) in children whose mothers took the painkiller frequently during pregnancy, according to a new study from Denmark.

Between 1996 and 2002, the Danish National Birth Cohort study analyzed some 64,000 children and their mothers and found that prenatal exposure to acetaminophen may increase a child's risk of "exhibiting ADHD-like behaviors." Acetaminophen also has been linked to hyperkinetic disorder (HKD), a severe form of ADHD.



Anonymous said...

ADHD is a figment of the pharmaceutical companies' imagines. It's called ENERGY. As in, I'm a kid bursting with life. Find a way to harness the energy, not turn the kid into a zombie.

Anonymous said...

I agree 5:33, but would like to add to the mix, the public school system. Each and every time they can label a child, they have a chance to modify "the test" for that child, some to the point where some high schoolers are having the test read to them! MD has a very high number of students taking modified tests. This is another big omally/democrat lie. MD schools aren't anywhere near number 1.

Anonymous said...

Keep in mind, too, if the welfare folk can get their kid classified, it means mo money, mo money, mo money!

Anonymous said...

720 contender for the most uninformed comment of the day. The schools and docs are more often the ones pushing the ADHD categorization. If's often the "welfare folk" who are the ones stating there is nothing wrong with their kid. Educate yourself on how these classifications take place

Anonymous said...

I had a hyperactive daughter (not labeled such by the school because we had controlled it before she entered school via diet). It is a very real condition (not just energy) but there are ways other than medications to control and channel that energy. She was a very good student (has her Masters).

Anonymous said...

I agree 7:02-seemingly never ending energy can be diet related but it is also the dynamics of being a human being. All humans are different. Some have higher energy levels, some are more outgoing, some are inclined toward academics, others athletically incline, the list of differences is unending.
The public school systems wish to make all children alike. It's called social engineering.
7:33-The so called welfare crowd are not without their blame. They are very much inclined to want to drug up their children as a way of submission. If prescription drugs aren't available they will give them something along the lines of Benadryl to make them compliant.