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Wednesday, March 05, 2014

Democrats Are Getting Destroyed In Key Senate States

Republicans have a large, 8-point advantage among voters in states with Senate races, according to a new Washington Post/ABC News poll released Tuesday.

Democrats hold a slight edge in the overall generic congressional ballot. But in the key battle for the Senate, Republicans lead the generic ballot by a 50-42 margin in states with a 2014 Senate race.

Republicans need to pick up six seats in November to retake control of the Senate, something that could instantly make President Barack Obama a lame duck president of sorts in his last two years.

Overall, 36 Senate seats are up in 2014: Twenty-one seats are currently held by a Democratic incumbent and 15 seats are held by a Republican.



Anonymous said...

Get these democrats out!

Anonymous said...

Everywhere but Maryland. 2 to 1 liberal state.

Anonymous said...

If the republicans can stop their in-fighting for long enough to coalesce around candidates for the overall people's good instead of center-right vs far-right ideologies, they will win...otherwise, the Democrats will move towards single party rule.

All one needs to do is look back a little bit in history...Ross Perot split the Republican party intentionally just so President Bush (the elder) would not get reelected. He was successful and the country has not been the same since.....

Wake up to the wonderful opportunity we have here in the upcoming elections folks!

Anonymous said...

Ross PEROT was threaten by the illuminati..if he was elected this county would be better off today..since then its been bussiness as usual...the tea party is experiencing this same sort of attack except this time its not just one TEA PARTY or we will continue with bussiness as usual..