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Tuesday, November 19, 2013

State Questions Teacher Evaluation Results

Only 1 percent of Delaware teachers received an unsatisfactory rating under a new teacher evaluation system. State officials are questioning those ratings when four of five students who graduate are not ready for college or jobs.

“We have made important progress, but we clearly have more work to do,” Secretary of Education Mark Murphy said in a press release. “Going forward, we need to ensure that school leaders implement the system well, so that our overall results reflect the reality of what’s happening in our classrooms."

"When only one in five of our students is graduating high school ready for their next step," Murphey said, "we still have a long way to go.”



Anonymous said...

I see no problem here...

John Fredrickson

Anonymous said...

Even the best carpenter can't make a dining room table out of three popsicle sticks.

Anonymous said...

One in five ready for college after 4 years of "edumication". And we don't know why.

So, it's the students not cooperating, not the lack of teacher performance and test results.

Okay, I got that.

I think it's time we blow up the entire system, and start over with 1-8 schoolhouses and real education. Something needs to happen. Probably competition is the best solution, as in private school waivers for all tax payers. Too bad there's not enough private schools to handle the total wave, no, Tsunami of transfers to private that would bring!

Anonymous said...

So, 99% of the teachers are doing their jobs, but at the end of 12 years, 4/5 of the student body can't do the math, read or write?

Someone remind me, just what is a teacher's job?

Anonymous said...

Perhaps teachers are not miracle workers. Children with little ability, no motivation to work and horrible behavior may not be the fault of the teacher.

Anonymous said...

Teachers are not rewarded for educating the children. They are rewarded for kissing butt and supporting the teacher's union.

The NEA's Oregon chapter has been quoted as stating "[t]he major purpose of our association is not the education of children, rather it is, or ought to be the extension and/or preservation of our members' rights.".

Anonymous said...

Um, 854, FOUR FIFTHS?????


Sorry for the caps, I didn't mean to leave them on after 4/5, but, sheesh!

Four fifths, and it's because the teachers are not "Miracle workers"! LOL!

Anonymous said...

what jobs ?