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Tuesday, November 19, 2013

Angry Md. Parents Band Together To Fight Common Core

Parents continue to express their outrage towards the common core curriculum now being used across the state of Maryland. Despite the Department of Education’s claims this type of education elevates a child’s education, parents say it dumbs it down.

Rochelle Ritchie spoke with angry parents who have come together in protest.

Parents call it a robotic way of teaching and say the Department of Education should let teachers do the teaching, not the government.

Robert Small may have been the first parents to publicly take a defiant stance in front of school officials against the common core curriculum adopted by the state of Maryland in 2010.



Anonymous said...

Nothing will happen until you get the Democrats out of office.

Anonymous said...

School vouchers now!!!! the communist public education system must glad i dont have kids..but i deal with allot of the products of a broken system...

Anonymous said...

well at least some parents get it. i wonder if out area was represented? i doubt it.

Anonymous said...

Some kids don't learn no matter what the curriculum is or who's teaching it. We're now using Common Core because certain groups couldn't pass the NCLB assessments even after untold millions were spent. Maybe it will dawn on somebody that not every kid is average or above, and laws can't change that.

Anonymous said...

Christ, do your homework before spouting crap. Common CORE is a bi-partisan program that was and is designed and promoted by 41 State Governors, mostly Republicans.