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Thursday, October 17, 2013

ObamaCare Sign-Up Numbers Begin To Emerge

Elusive estimates of how many people actually were able to sign up for ObamaCare since enrollment launched more than two weeks ago are finally starting to emerge -- and, as expected, show a slow start amid widespread problems with the main federal website.

The federal government has not yet released its own enrollment figures. But private firms and analysts have taken a crack at it.

One private-sector analysis showed that, during the first week, less than 1 percent of those who tried to register were able to enroll in a health care plan. 



Anonymous said...

We simply can't afford it. The prices are double and triple! People are shopping. and not buying.

It's pretty simple.

Anonymous said...

Pretty revealing article
So lets do some math:

There are 314 million in the US
Of that they only expect 7 million to enroll the first year.
That is around 2.2%
All this for 2% of the population?

There are 6 million in MD
21700 visitors = .36% (not even 1%)
1121 enroll = .02% (that's a pretty low number!)

But as propaganda goes.... they were breaking down the website because they were SO interested in buying it!

Anonymous said...

The Obama regime and the complicit main stream media are guilty of propaganda on par with Fascist Hitler and Communist Stalin.
Socialized medicine is a failure worldwide. The Government takeover of the healthcare industry amounts to 1/6th of the economy.
This is a policy of Socialists and Communists and is a proven failed business and financial model.
This combined with Soviet style intimidation of those opposed to policy through the use of the Government institutions the IRS the EPA, and the massive surveillance and invasion of privacy of the DHS and NSA all point to one thing.
Our country, led by Democrat liberals co-opted by Obama is speeding directly towards a Marxist society.

Anonymous said...

you enroll at your own risk. in addition to getting you to enroll, they are data mining and the info you give them is now in one little pkg. for their benefit and is NOT secure. of course, this means anyone, anytime, anywhere can get your info easily. the government will use this info against you.

Anonymous said...

HA ha ha ha Delaware is trumpeting about it s ONE and ONLY person to sign up--some dumb a$$ woman in Selbyville.

Anonymous said...

2:23 Better make sure you don't sign up for Social Security or Medicare, same thing happens then too.