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Thursday, October 17, 2013

7th Annual Trick Or Treat Street At Wicomico Youth & Civic Center This Sunday

Salisbury, MD - The 7th Annual Trick or Treat Street Event, Delmarva's largest indoor, safe trick or treat event, is coming back to Salisbury this Sunday, October 20. The event, hosted by Froggy 99.9, Q105, KISS 95.9 and Magic 98.9, in partnership with Spicer Brothers Construction, will be hosted at the Wicomico Youth & Civic Center from noon to 3pm.

Each year, families and children under 12 are invited to come out in costume for a safe trick or treating experience and to have fun. Trick or Treat Street is an indoor, non-threatening environment. Candy is provided courtesy of Candy Kitchen. Children are welcome to bring their own pumpkin to collect goodies, however, some bags are available courtesy of Easter Seals.

In addition to the free trick or treating and candy area, the event will also host free Halloween themed photos and family activities. Attendees are also encouraged to bring canned food items to donate. The food drive will benefit The Maryland Food Bank and The Food Bank of Delaware.

The event was first created by station employees as a way to provide Delmarva residents with a safe, family-friendly, outlet for holiday fun. The free event has grown over the years to almost 5,000 annual participants.

“The tremendous turnout and support we see with this event each year shows us the need for a wholesome event that doesn’t mean breaking the bank for local families. It is a great event that I am excited to attend each year, and my own children to enjoy it too,” says Randy Scott, Froggy 99.9 morning host of Whiskey & Randy in the Mornings.

Susan Groves, who was recently hired as Operations Manager for Clear Channel Media + Entertainment’s participating stations, is thrilled to be involved. “It is a great feeling to be working for a company that is engrained in so many community oriented events. I plan to continue on the tradition of civic involvement here at our stations.”


Anonymous said...

Wow, a full eleven days before Halloween? Is this a weekly event? Why not do it, oh, I don't know, somewhere on like October 31st?

Anonymous said...

Ol grump.quit complaining first thing in the morn.

Anonymous said...

Let me get this straight, so you have created a way to turn a kids holiday into a sales opportunity to get the parents? Get real jobs folks!

Anonymous said...

7:50, for 58 years of my life, Halloween has been on October 31st. We even made it a 3 day event when we were kids on the 29, 30, and 31st! But it NEVER HAPPENED ON THE 20TH AND NOT ON THE 31st! Are you wanting Christmas and Thanksgiving on The same day, too? WTF!

Halloween happens the night before ALL SAINT'S DAY, which is on Nov. 1 EVERY YEAR. LOOK IT UP, IDIOT. THERE'S A reason IT'S ON THE 31ST.