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Wednesday, October 30, 2013

Democrat-On-Democrat "Smearing" In Maryland

Our friend Jeff Quinton – who runs a great Maryland-based blog entitled The Quinton Report – has an interesting post up about the national scandal surrounding the Old Line State’s Attorney General, Doug Gansler.

For those of you who slept through last week, Gansler’s gubernatorial candidacy suffered a major setback when he bumbled, stumbled and fumbled his way through a press conference attempting to explain his appearance at a teenage boozefest in nearby Delaware back in June.

Why was Gansler on the defensive? Because like so many politicians of both parties who go in search of problems where none exist (and cheap publicity), he staked out ground as an aggressive opponent of underage drinking.

Anyway, Gansler’s implosion in response to the scandal (which you can read more about here) sucked all the oxygen out of the real story – the Democratic political machine that has unsheathed the long knives and aimed for his jugular.

We’re referring of course to allies of Maryland Gov. Martin O’Malley, who is aggressively pushing the gubernatorial candidacy of his No. 2 – Maryland Lt. Gov. Anthony G. Brown.



Anonymous said...

Vote "none of the above"...Vote Republican/Libertarian and try to salvage the formerly Free State of Maryland.

Anonymous said...

Brown is such a weak candidate that they are compelled to "take out" any opposition as early as possible. He could not survive a heated primary.

lmclain said...

5:27 is doesn't matter who gets elected. They couldn't care less about you or I. They think they are above the laws they make for the serfs. Pick a politician. ANY politician. ESPECIALLY the one YOU think is the next hero of the people. The guy who will "change things". You know, the ones who exempt themselves from the laws they think are so good. Good for us, that is. They flaunt the law and don't care if you know it or not. Its "good cop-bad cop" and you are real busy falling for it.