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Wednesday, October 30, 2013

20 Drills That Prove The DHS’ Official New Enemy Is The American People

Out of 47 “scenarios” being practiced by first responders during Urban Shield 2013 this October 25 – 28 in the San Francisco Bay Area, at least 20 of them are “domestic” – either stated explicitly, or implied (see below in BOLD CAPS) – and possibly more.
Overall, the scenarios vary widely in scope – up to and including “odor investigation” – but the “domestic terrorists” are generally characterized as being anything from “anarchists” (Tea Partiers? Christians? Patriots?) to “homegrown” terrorists (recent American-Moslem converts duped into FBI-sting operations?)

Interesting to note that, as of this writing, the English “Urban Shield” Wikipedia entry has disappeared… but you can still get it in French. (Too bad for you if you don’t read French.)

However, there is still a brief mention of Urban Shield in the English Wikipedia entry for the Alameda County Sheriff’s Office (ASCO).



Anonymous said...

Crazy how the important issues get less than ten comments, smh

lmclain said...

Urban SHIELD? PATRIOT Act? National DEFENSE Authorization Act? What's next on the list of misnomers? The Citizen Afterlife Program? The Civilian Freedom Relocation Act? None of them actually do what they sound like they do, but who cares? Oh wait. I forgot the "Affordable Care Act" that no one can afford. If you don't like it, you may participate in, or rather, be a victim of, either the Urban Shield, the Patriot Act, or the NDAA. Or the Civilian Afterlife Program.