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Monday, September 09, 2013

North Carolina GOP Wants To End State Income Tax

Some North Carolina Republican legislators are working to make their state the eighth in the nation without a state income tax.

Republican North Carolina State Sen. Bob Rucho said on Wednesday that he plans to push for his state to end its state income tax and replace it with a consumption-based sales tax. Rucho told the Washington Post that the bleak economy of the last several years has made state revenues uneven, resulting in challenges for annual budget planning.

"We want to get away from that and go to a more flat consumption-based tax on sales taxes, both goods and services, and in return, we'll say, 'We'll go to zero with the income tax.' And that's something we think we can achieve. It just takes time to get there," said Rucho.



Anonymous said...

I love you North Carolina

Anonymous said...

If you remember, one of the selling points on Maryland sales tax was that it would reduce the income taxes....yeah, right!!

Anonymous said...

When was a tax EVER removed??

Anonymous said...

7:42 not in MD!