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Monday, September 09, 2013

Mideast Expert: We've Seen This Movie Before

The Obama administration is currently laying out its case to persuade the war weary American public that military force is justified against the standing regime in Syria because President Bashar Assad has supposedly used chemical weapons on his own civilian population in the outskirts of Damascus.

As reprehensible as that accusation may be (and it is not clear if it is correct) there is no compelling U.S. national security interest in interceding in another sectarian civil war in the Middle East.

President Barack Obama’s words have boxed him into a corner; a year ago he said that if chemical weapons were used against a civilian population then President Assad would have crossed “a red line.”

As noble as the intent behind such rhetoric may be, it doesn’t justify U.S. military intervention into a conflict that has turned into an ugly civil war.



Anonymous said...

I won't be watching.

Anonymous said...

Obamas successor has already been chosen.We think that person will be elected via the usual process,but the choice has been made by those who control all.Right now they're in damage control mode to insure that the chosen successor can actually turn things around.That's how bad it is.A desperate attempt to straight jacket Obama before it's too late.Is it already too late? We'll see.

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