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Tuesday, August 20, 2013

Hogan Blasts Falsehoods in O’Malley’s MACO Convention Speech

Maryland Governor Martin O’Malley gave his 7th consecutive annual address to the Maryland Association of Counties Convention in Ocean City which focused on a litany of what the governor touted as his economic successes and achievements. Business Leader Larry Hogan took aim at the falsehoods in O’Malley’s speech. “He was not just stretching the truth, it’s worse than that. Nearly everything he said in his speech today was blatantly false, much of what he said was actually the complete opposite of the truth.”

Hogan, a former Maryland Cabinet Secretary said, “The governor is entitled to his own opinions but he can’t just make up his own facts and pretend that they are true.” Change Maryland recently showed that unemployment has nearly doubled under O’Malley from 3.6% to 7%, and the actual number of Marylanders unemployed grew from 108,000 to 218,000 people under O’Malley. “You can’t say you are most proud of your success in job creation, and say you recovered 99% of all the jobs lost, when you actually doubled the unemployment rate and lost 110,000 more jobs, more than any governor in history,” said Hogan, who founded the group Change Maryland.-

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OweMalley Crooked Motors said...

Here again OweMalley "forgot" to mention the truth. He doesn't twist the facts anymore, he creates his own numbers and propaganda. Typical Democ-rat, lets not get fact in the way of our agenda. Throw this bum out and his sidekick Brown too.