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Tuesday, August 20, 2013


The increasing use of SWAT teams across these United States is completely and totally incompatible with a free and civilized society. As I mentioned in my recent article about how there are now 50,000 SWAT raids in America annually, many of these military-styled operations target nonviolent offenders, and are often merely money making rackets for local police departments.

It appears the trend is getting even worse. Just like cops will pull you over on the highway and claim to “smell marijuana” as an excuse to violate your 4th Amendment rights, this claim of drugs being present is now being used to SWAT raid organic farms. Or perhaps it’s just because your neighbor thinks your yard is untidy. The story below is nothing short of a complete and total disgrace and we should not stand for this sort of behavior any longer. From the Huffington Post:



Anonymous said...

It is these very swat "officers" that need to know lying/making bogus claims will get them severe treatment from tax payers in general.
They need to be put down.

Anonymous said...

Bloods + Crips + SWAT = gangs

Anonymous said...

Welcome to the Police state!

Anonymous said...

Oscama has to Go how is America going to get through another 3 years with this ASSWIPE.

Anonymous said...

Only gonna get worse unless we rid the country of the marxists ideals we are now seeing.... these actions are not of this republic but of comunist countries

Anonymous said...

Just remember one important point. Most Police Departments are run by strong left wing Socialists Democrats. Look closely you might spot one near you.