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Monday, August 12, 2013

Gas Tax Decrease Now Showing Up At The Pumps In Va

WASHINGTON - The reduction in Virginia's gas tax is starting to make a difference at the pump. Sunday's average price in Virginia was $3.39 a gallon for unleaded. That's 20 cents a gallon cheaper than Maryland and 42 cents less than the District of Columbia.

There are a lot of reasons why, but the biggest is the July 1 drop in the state gas tax.

It used to be a standard 17.5 cents, but is now trimmed to as low as 11.1 a gallon based on the wholesale price of gas.



Anonymous said...

And they increased the sales tax on everything else so they are collecting even more money for the state.

Anonymous said...

What is the difference in pricing / taxing from either side of the street in Delmar?

I'm curious to know if the tax increase is being hidden or if the DE side is eating up a little more profit?!

Might be a little easier to see if you go as far south as Fruitland and as far north as Seaford......

Anonymous said...

I noticed the gas prices on Saturday as we went through Delmar. Gas prices are not cheaper as people had hoped they would be. I have also noticed that sometimes things in De seem to be priced a bit more than they are in Md. They get you coming and going. Looks like De is benefiting from the gas tax increase in Md since their prices are staying the same as ours.

Anonymous said...

450, see 144's comment. Then go to Seaford and see the difference, and buy there.

Store owners in Delmar, De. are not stupid.

Anonymous said...

I have gone to Seaford and even Selbyville. Their prices are higher. You don't have to pay sales tax in De but the prices seem to be higher. Many times the amount of gas it takes to get to Seaford doesn't not justify any savings you would get from not paying the tax. I used to shop at the Salibury Walmart and their prices were cheaper (on most things) than the one in Fruitland or even Seaford. The only problem is they are ALWAYS out of stock on things week after week so I stopped shopping there.

Anonymous said...

And the price of gas here in Maryland has been dropping too. Passed a sign for $3.39 in Baltimore City today.