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Tuesday, July 02, 2013

The Attempted Extortion Of Paula Deen

The real story behind the Paula Deen scandal can be summed up in a single word: greed. The American judicial system and the media are being used as formidable weapons in a brazen attempt to extort money from Ms. Deen, in my opinion.

This isn't a story about racism. It's all about the money.

The mainstream media have reported with glee only some of the gory details as Paula Deen's financial empire continue to crumble. The Food Network, Wal-Mart, Target, and the publisher of her bestselling cookbook all have abruptly terminated their relationship with Ms. Deen. The firestorm erupted after it was widely reported that Ms. Deen gave a deposition in a civil lawsuit in which she admitted using the N-word.

Rarely if ever mentioned by the national press is the context in which the word was used, or the reason the deposition became public knowledge.

No one is interested in defending the use of that particular word, including this writer.

But for the record, the specific instance in which Ms. Deen admitted to using that specific word was in the privacy of her own home, used to describe a robber who had pointed a gun at her head. The mainstream media also doesn't seem to care that Ms. Deen could easily have lied about that specific incident, yet chose to tell the truth under oath.

Apparently there's a zero tolerance policy when certain people use the forbidden N-word



Anonymous said...

I wish folks would stop purposefully only reporting half (in this case less than half) the story!! This writer's credibility is all shot. The case against Paula Deen ran a lot deeper than whether she used the N-word once. Sheesh, atleast respect your own intellect enough to look up the full story

Anonymous said...

very well written. Apparently people are too lazy to read for themselves what took place and believe the mainstream media.

Anonymous said...

What will happen to rappers, not for saying the N word, but for regularly disparaging white folks? If they hate racism, they shouldn't practice it.

Anonymous said...


Yeaah, like the endorsers of those folks are going to silence their golden geese over a divisive word or dissing anyone. That s**t sells music and power, not recipes or sweatshop cookware.
Word, Dog!!

bob pinto said...

Michael Richards AKA Kramer from Seinfeld used the N-word recently and in anger, in public, on stage, on record, apologized for it and Walmart still sells Seinfeld on DVD.

Emeril Lagasse has some the most delicious and unhealthy recipes(pork fat rules) and nobody criticized him or Giada De Laurentiis or the Barefoot Contessa or Guy Fieri for glamorously advocating tasty unhealthy food.

Anonymous said...

Her mistake was saying She was sorry!
A sign of weakness.

Anonymous said...

oh well poor paula

Anonymous said...

Apparently, only black can & as a matter of everyday speech use the N word. What a double standard, but whites are the "racists". Get over yourselves.

Anonymous said...

718, the plaintiff in the case was a white woman. doh.