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Tuesday, July 02, 2013

Six-Year-Old Dies Waiting For New Heart

A sad update to a storyWJZ has been following for some time now. The little girl in need of a new heart has died.

The family of six-year-old Teresa Bartlinski say she passed away Monday after an unsuccessful attempt to implant an artificial heart.

Teresa was born in China with a congenital heart disease that weakened her lungs. She received a heart transplant June 18 but her body rejected that heart.



Anonymous said...

This is a horrible tragedy and my heart goes out to this little girls family, but I have to say my piece because something really irritated me today.

In a previous blog post about tornadoes on the shore, people commented on how God watched out for them, and blessed them by keeping them safe...

Where was their God for this little girl? He can stop a tornado from hitting your home, but doesn't give two hoots about a little girl dying?

Where are all the self righteous, smug folks giving unearned thanks to a do nothing deity now? I know, when a tornado just happens to come through, and you dodge the bullet, he specifically held it back to save YOU, but for this little girl he "works in mysterious ways".


Anonymous said...

I doubt that anyone can answer your question 2:06pm, but much sooner than you can imagine, you'll be able to ask him yourself, face to face. We all empathise with this child, as well, her family, but the only guarantee in life, is an eventual death. The amount of time, given to each soul, while here on earth, is an unknown. Again ask God yourself, nobody here is qualified.

Anonymous said...

@ 2:45

I appreciate your response, but I not seen any evidence that what you suggest is possible. I would suggest that people who think they are spared tragedy stop giving their do nothing deity any credit for saving them, and just chalk it up to a real and tangible reason for their good fortune. How smug to proclaim that they have something so special that God specifically spared them, yet no one has the decency to point out that their God purposely did nothing to help this little girl. You don't get it both ways.

To me, any time someone gives their God thanks for some random bit of good fortune, yet doesn't then give that same God the credit/responsibility for another persons tragedy, it further cements the fact that there is no such being... or if there was.. he/she/it didn't help you in your bit of good luck at all, so your thanks are irrelevant.

The double standard just really chaps me.

Anonymous said...

I would say God was around quite a bit for this little girl. She was born in China. They routinely kill little girls in China. They only like boys. She came to this country and lived to be six years old. I would guess that she had loving caretakers who even after the first heart transplant failed, didn't give up hope. Neither did this little girl. The only thing that is absolute about life is death.

I think the problem is that YOU have no hope and as long as you don't know GOD that condition will persist.

I can thank God that I was spared the tornado and by the same token if I was spared, I could thank God that I was going home.

I'm sure you will disparage this comment as being _____________. I'm sure you'll fill in the word. Whatever. I thank God for today but if I don't get a tomorrow I'll thank him for that also.

Anonymous said...

@7:27 AMEN!

Anonymous said...

I'll tell you what's tragic 2:06, that an idiot like you would take a sad story like this to express your atheist views!