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Friday, July 12, 2013

Still Missing

HELP $1,000 reward for missing Rottweiler (SERVICE DOG) in Tilghman Island

It belongs to It is a therapy dog for marines & soldiers.

Got afraid of fireworks Thursday & has totally disappeared. Someone has her. 17 mos old recently had eye surgery has special needs right now.

Cindy McGrew founder & president of OPERATION SECOND CHANCE got Abby at 7 wks old the only survivor from the litter.

Search parties have thoroughly scoured the island --- every bog, culvert, door-to-door & woods & no sightings.

DNR, state & county have no sightings for dead animals
Someone must have this dog. Please help.

Call Cindy McGrew (301) 938-2834 Founder & President of Operation Second Chance for our wounded troops.
$1,000 reward no questions asked

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