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Friday, July 12, 2013

Federal Funding Announced For Fenwick Beach Pumping

FENWICK ISLAND -- Fenwick Island officials last week announced the federal Army Corps of Engineers has awarded a contract for a vast beach replenishment project to repair the damage caused during Hurricane Sandy last fall and other coastal storms throughout the winter and early spring.

The Army Corps of Engineers has awarded a contract to repair and restore the beaches in Fenwick and other coastal resort towns in Delaware to Great Lakes Dredge and Dock. With the contract awarded last week, a notice to proceed is expected to be issued at any time and a construction schedule will be released. With Fenwick and other Delaware beaches in the height of their seasons, the beach replenishment and restoration projects will likely be scheduled after Labor Day.

During the project, roughly 389,000 cubic yards of sand will be pumped onto the beach in Fenwick from offshore borrow sources and spread over about 6,500 feet of shoreline. The dunes ravaged during Sandy last October and other storms last winter and early spring will also be restored to their pre-storm conditions.


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Anonymous said...

But what if I own an ocean front home in Fenwick and want to live there this summer? They start in the south and work north as the season rolls by. Poor Fenwick residents get a horrid summer of noise. That is just the way it is.