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Thursday, July 04, 2013

Proposed Bill That Would Have Allowed Guns Into Businesses That Serve Alcohol

On Tuesday, Illinois Governor Pat Quinn vetoed a measure that would have allowed people to bring guns into establishments that serve alcohol. During a press conference, Governor Quinn was joined by parents of gun violence victims, and said he objects to at least nine provisions in the proposed law. Republican law-makers, joined by a few Democrats that serve rural districts, passed the measure by huge majorities. If the law went into effect, it would have allowed permit holders to carry multiple guns, have no restrictions on clip size, and would have allowed weapons into some bars and restaurants. Governor Quinn said, "This is a flawed bill with serious safety problems that must be addressed." A federal appeals court recently struck down that state's ban on residents carrying concealed weapons in public, and gave lawmakers six months to draft a new law. Although the measure is currently blocked by Governor Quinn, the state legislature only needs a three-fifths majority to override his veto, and the measure has already passed by a higher margin. Gun control advocates hope lawmakers will change the bill to comply with Governor Quinn's concerns, but fear the new concealed carry measure will become Illinois law regardless.

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Anonymous said...

Outlaws will bring them if they so desire. Just make sure that law abiding citizens don't?