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Thursday, June 27, 2013


The Senate, in a 68-32 vote, passes immigration bill that would legalize millions of illegal immigrants while boosting border security, sending the bill to the House where it faces an uncertain fate.



Anonymous said...

Hope it's DOA. Liberals suck.
Send them home, those who cannot go get a referral. 100% need to officially get in line and apply for real, from today's in force immigration laws and standards, for citizenship. By law. It's going to be a long line, but it's just going to be a long line, period. In the meantime, no federal or state benefits until you're legal. If you disagree, then go home and live there.

Anonymous said...

it is not immigration overhaul it is blanket amnesty with a bunch of pork for all the senators friends. this country is a joke

Anonymous said...

What a bunch of idiots. Eleven million future Democrat voters sucking off the teat of the American tax payers.

These people are to stupid to know these illegal aliens will be holding dual citizenships in the US and Mexico. They will only be Americans on the voter registration list.

Anonymous said...

run them all out of dc and replace them