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Thursday, June 27, 2013

Bette Midler Serenades Dying Fan Over The Phone

Hope you have a tissue handy.
In this heartbreakingly sweet video, Bette Midler makes a special phone call to superfan Anna Greenburg, who is dying in the hospital with cancer. Midler thanks Greenburg for her support and praises her for her courage. "You're such an angel," Midler tells Greenburg in the tearful exchange. "Such a wonderful soul."
After some conversation with Anna and her family, Bette Midler fulfills Anna's dream, and sings her iconic "Wind Beneath My Wings."


Anonymous said...

You know sometimes, every now again, someone famous can do something that means something with out the glory that others seek. LOVE Bette Midler, what a wonderful, sincere and thoughtful thing to do.
Seriously, we need more stories like this...

Anonymous said...

Bette Midler has so much class and always had. Not to mention what a talent.