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Wednesday, June 26, 2013

HOUSE OF THE DAY: A Maryland Crab Tycoon Is Selling His Sick Mansion For $32 Million

It may not be the most expensive home in the state, but being No. 2 isn't bad.

The Friary on the Severn in Annapolis, MD just hit the market at $32 million, making it the second most expensive house for sale in Maryland, according to Curbed, and this house is sick.

It's being sold by Steve Phillips, CEO of Baltimore-based fish purveyor Phillips Seafood, and his wife, who completely restored the place.

It now features a boat slip, a carriage house, 270-degree river views, a spa, a hot tub, a tennis court, wine cellar and grotto, a steam room, roof garden, a conservatory, and an over-sized ballroom ,just to name a few of the outrageous amenities.

The Friary has 10 bedrooms, 10 full bathrooms, and five half-baths.



Anonymous said...

It's lovely.

Anonymous said...

The State will buy it.

Anonymous said...

It looks like it could fall off the cliff!

Anonymous said...

Will they take a check?

Anonymous said...

Can't afford the tax bill anymore?
I'd move too.

Anonymous said...

Eh. Those cheapo's used exclusively Sysco products up and down their menu. Buying crabs from India and Russia. Really disgustingly cheap stuff. I met the owners on multiple occasions working there. Nice enough folks, but shortsighted. Would rather cheapen their product in order to boost their margins, than anything else. Could've been so much more, but will be remembered for being what they were.

Anonymous said...

Anon 7:51pm,

It worked, didn't it? Make all the excuses and assumptions you'd like, but their pockets are clearly deep enough. Their business plan doesn't seem shortsighted to me.

Anonymous said...

Phillips in the 70s's, a mile line to get in, 90's a all you eat replacement, today, a memory of what OC stood for long, long ago.

Anonymous said...

if you want to see real estate homes drive around gulf shore in naples....thats real a corvette around there and your poor