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Tuesday, May 07, 2013

Senate Signs Off On Marketplace Fairness Act; Online Sales Tax Inches Closer To Reality

If you’re one of the many Amazon customers whose state has yet to reach an agreement about the collection of online sales tax, this will probably be bad news. This afternoon, the Senate voted in favor of the Marketplace Fairness Act, which would give each state the authority to compel online businesses to collect applicable taxes.

Currently, online businesses without a physical in a state are not obliged to collect tax from customers — even though consumers have a duty to pay this usage tax when they file their annual tax returns. The Act would grant each state the ability to decide whether online businesses need to collect the tax (Prediction: They will).


Anonymous said...

What really burns me is they steal lie cheat deceive us and we continue to feed this monstrosity of an irresponsible government..

Anonymous said...

Call your representatives since the senators didn't listen!

We need to let them know how much this will hurt the individual consumer as well as the small business owner.

Anonymous said...

I'll just stop buying on line. I stopped paid tv. Internet just may be next.

Anonymous said...

This will kill so many small online businesses that give us great deals all the time. small businesses don't have the accountants or extra manpower it's going to take to keep track of 50 tax forms filled out monthly and write checks from the 50 tax accounts to send along with them. They would need to raise their prices to hire on to cover this extra burden, and would probably just have to fold instead.

This is bad from all angles.