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Tuesday, May 07, 2013

Can Our Lawless Police Bureaucrats Be Tamed?

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lmclain said...

The last comment on this was not posted (too radical, huh, Joe?), but get some storm troopers on here to justify the absolute disregard for any laws or rights citizens had in Boston. Yanking innocent people from their homes, invading homes at gunpoint (resist and you get shot) without a warrant, assault, handcuffing innocent people and driving them away, only to drop them off who knows where and hope they get home okay? There is NO - NONE -- ZERO - section in the Constitution that says cops or politicians get to pick what parts they will honor and enforce and what circumstance they can use to do whatever they want. THAT is what facist dictators do and what their "security" forces do. It ain't supposed to happen in America. At least, thats what the original tin-foil hat commander (Thomas Jefferson) thought. And I guarantee he was smarter than ALL the cops and two-bit loser politicians we have, put together. So, me and my tin-foil hat are in great company. Some of you sheep and yes-men, and strong arm enforcers, not so much.....