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Tuesday, May 07, 2013

Capitalism Is Cancer

Unregulated capitalism is cancer on our nation. Like tumors, greed has metastasized, strangling once-healthy parts of our economy, and our social safety net. A new piece on Alternet lists several ways this cancer capitalism has taken hold. For starters, the hoarding of wealth by the banksters and the 1% has diverted resources away from nutritional aid programs. Twenty people in our country collected a whopping $73 billion in investment income – all taxed at a lower rate than working Americans. Compare that with the fact that President Obama couldn't even get $1 billion to improve childhood nutrition in our schools. And, while cancer capitalism has lead to higher-than-ever corporate profits, it hasn't translated into good jobs for college grads. Because of rising tuition costs, the average student graduates with $26,000 of student loan debt, and adding to that burden, high-unemployment allows the corporate elite to underpay workers, and hoard a larger share of profits. In addition, tax-dodging corporations have drained much-needed revenue out of our society like a tumor choking off the blood supply to our economy. According to Alternet, tax exemptions and corporate loopholes drain nearly a trillion dollars from "the body of our society" every year. And, the worst parasite of all is the unrestrained corporate purchase of our politicians. Cancer capitalism has left voters feeling weak and powerless, while Congress repeatedly represents only the will of the corporate elite. We must stop this cancer before it spreads into every last inch of our national body. Just like conquering any type of cancer, we must attack this problem from all sides, from getting money out of politics, to regulating Wall Street, to breaking up the monopolies that have too much power over our government. We can do all this, and we must.


Anonymous said...

Chuck? Is that you?

What Marxist wrote this?
It must be from an Obama speech...

Anonymous said...

It is not CAPITALISM that is the problem, it is FACISM. The current regime rewards those who donate to the Democrat party and promote the propaganda and tries to destroy those who oppose the Obama regime. Capitalism has not destroyed anything except abject poverty and hopelessness. Get it straight and get off of Slate and HuffPo.

Anonymous said...

More Commie B.S.! Unreal! While the Fed prints a billion dollars of counterfiet money every month to make the stock market look good in the eyes of the stock market lookers on, and the American manufacturer worker's wage loses value at the rate of a billion dollars a month, well this road is pretty much at an end. Soon, the reality will hit, and it will not be pretty.

Daddio said...

Capitalism is not the problem here. Crony Capitalism or as another one put it Fascism is the real problem.

Capitalism by itself does not rob nor divert resources from nutritional aid programs. It does not make tuition rates higher.

When you deal with the unrestrained corporate purchase of politicians, you are describing cronyism, the real cancer.

Doing away with capitalism will only serve to bring misery and despair to an increasing number of people all in the interest of "fairness" ...

Anonymous said...

bottom line:
if you don't work, you don't eat.
live free or die.
our founders set up our nation so this is how we should live and be governed. the bible was the handbook for all. the precepts taught in the bible gave them and future generations guidance on how to govern fairly. this would include helping your neighbor in need. our churches always came together to do this.
the government began taking over by taking money from the workers and giving it back out as they saw fit. this eroded and perverted our original foundation.
read and educate yourselves in American History. go to the "old" texts because the newer ones have been twisted and changed.

Anonymous said...

Chuck who?

Anonymous said...

Straight from the Ford Foundation who gives billions to all liberal causes.I wonder what they would do without capitalism?