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Tuesday, April 09, 2013

White House: Planned GOP Gun Filibuster Cowardly

Beginning a week of high pressure on gun control, the White House on Monday accused some Republican senators of cowardice for planning to filibuster gun legislation without allowing the full Senate to vote on President Obama’s initiatives.

“If they oppose this legislation, have the courage to say so on the floor and vote no,” said White House press secretary Jay Carney. “Don’t block it. Don’t hide behind a procedural action to prevent a vote. That’s the wrong thing to do, and that’s how the president clearly feels.”

He didn’t name names, but Mr. Carney said when Mr. Obama announced his gun-control proposals in his State of the Union address in February, members of both parties stood and applauded “when the cameras were on.” 



Anonymous said...

I stand and applaud after taking a big dump, which is the equal to what comes out of Democrats mouths on gun "control"... aka gun TAXES.

Filibuster 2013

Anonymous said...

I support ANY methods that prevent the violation of our constitutional rights!

The cowardice is from the white house - circumventing congress by edict and decree!

If we really had a good illegal immigration prevention system - this illegal wouldn't be here - hosing us on a regular basis....

Anonymous said...

no Cowardly is hiding Bengazi and hiding behind children, which this administration does

Anonymous said...

Jay, I really don't need you to tell me how to vote. I'll vote my will and my constituent's will.
Thank you though, for your freedom of opinion!