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Tuesday, April 09, 2013

The Original E-Mail Sent From Bongino Camp Yesterday

Bongino Announces Gubernatorial Bid - Selects Alan Keyes as Running 
Bongino Announces Campaign for Governor
Selects Alan Keyes as running mate
Contact: Karla Graham
(410) 927-4577

ANNAPOLIS, MD – Dan Bongino is proud to announce the launch of a campaign for Governor of Maryland. The former secret service agent and U.S. Senate candidates stated,“For too long we've let the Democrats in Annapolis trample on our God-given rights and wage war on our family finances. With this announcement everything changes. People of Maryland, take notice – from here on out we cede no ground and we will never give you up. The fight is on and defeat is not an option.”
The campaign is also announcing that Ambassador Alan Keyes will be serving as Mr. Bongino's running mate. “I couldn't ask for a better running mate than Ambassador Keyes," said Mr. Bongino. “He has a lengthy track record of speaking truth to power and working on behalf of limited government, individual liberty, and family values.”Ambassador Keyes added “I'm incredibly excited by this opportunity to work with Dan and help stop the communistic take-over of the great state of Maryland.”
According to Campaign Manager Hillary Pennington, this gubernatorial campaign is going to change how Maryland campaigns are run. “We've learned key lessons from the senate campaign, but we aren't abandoning our roots either. This is still a campaign by and for the grassroots, without any unwanted input from so-called political consultants.”

Dan Bongino, a devoted husband and father, served in the United States Secret Service for more than a decade, in which he was assigned to the elite Presidential Protective Division. He represented the U.S. as a lead government security official in over 25 countries. Holding graduate degrees in Business Administration and Psychology, Dan has gone on to start several successful businesses in Maryland. As an entrepreneur, he understands the role small businesses play in establishing a framework for continued prosperity and economic growth.

You can follow Mr. Bongino's campaign at; on Facebook at; on Twitter @danbongino and Alan Keyes @loyaltoliberty


Anonymous said...

Alan Keyes as a running mate?

I pray the Republicans come up with something better than these two.

Anonymous said...

this is barack omalley is in office. who the hell will vote for 2 losers . certainly not me. gop has to find real canidates. not reruns.

Anonymous said...

Two losers??? but better than what we have

Anonymous said...

180 degrees from what we have! Too bad Balto, Montgomery, and PG love their welfare better than jobs! Those 3 alone run the state. Bongo should run promising free ship and handouts for all if he wants to get elected!!!

ginn said...

I'll be leaving MD, I can't afford to live here any longer, so, it makes no difference who's in Annapolis to me now.