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Tuesday, April 09, 2013

Maryland Gov. Didn't Know What Gun Laws Were On The Books

Maryland governor Martin O'Malley, a possible Democratic candidate for president in 2016, just passed a very strict gun law, which includes a so-called assault weapons ban. But what's especially interesting is that before the December shooting at a school in Connecticut, Governor O'Malley had no idea what the gun laws were in his state.
On the day after a gunman killed 20 children in Newtown, Conn., Maryland Gov. Martin O’Malley wrote a text messageto his chief legislative lobbyist.

“Do we or do we not have an assault-weapons ban?” the governor asked that Saturday, 10 days before Christmas.

No, Stacy Mayer wrote back.

Really? the governor responded. I thought we did.

A variety of pistols, such as mini-Uzis , were illegal. But the weapon that Adam Lanza had fired in Newtown — the semiautomatic Bushmaster rifle?

Legal in Maryland.



Anonymous said...

The liberal Maryland Democrats just made a bunch of us criminals for the first time. How they can pass a law in violation of the Constitution of The United States is beyond me.

Anonymous said...

How sad is this. Our Governor in Maryland was and is totally clueless as to what gun laws were already on the books in Maryland. Then he seizes the opportunity from the unfortunate victims in Connecticut to get his name in the media with controversial gun laws. All this in order to build up his campaign for name recognition for the next presidential election. Prior to that he was chair of the Democratic Governors Association. And now Obama is in Sandy Hook patronizing the victims families and flying them back to DC to lobby Congress for gun control. All at the tax payers expense in order to help disarm Americans. How low can this person go? Preying on victims and their families just to make a name for himself at the expense of tax payers. This is one sick man and the people that voted for him should be crying foul for what he is doing. Patronizing children victims comes from someone that spent a lot of time at the bottom of a cesspool.

Anonymous said...

Reminds me of dumb and dumber! They pass these laws and don't have sense enough to know what they already have on the books. Just proves how really stupid all of them are.

Maybe obama, omalley can find a country that they can go govern that will crown them kings. The America I know doesn't need either one of them.

Anonymous said...

If you think (and we are) we're in bad shape with Obama please think several times about O'Malley. He is the last thing this country needs!!!

lmclain said...

How do you otherwise law abiding citizens feel now about the nanny state run by a bunch of delusional pansies who deeply believe they know whats best for you and exactly how you should live your life? And back up their God-like knowledge with armed enforcers who will kill you for "non-compliance"? Maryland just increased their population of criminals by order of the very people who are supposed to "represent" you. How represented do ya feel now???

Anonymous said...

Looks like Jim Ireton is going to have the Press Conference where he is going to claim Joe Albero's ideas were his all the time. He said in the Daily Rag that he didn't want to expose those same ideas during the campaign. How original!

Press Conference

Dear Chamber Members,

Mayor Jim Ireton of Salisbury has announced a press conference on "Doing Business In Salisbury".

The chamber's take on this press conference is that it will be about a new and inspired effort to attract and revitalize business for downtown and surrounding areas of the City of Salisbury.

The press conference will be 1:30pm, Tuesday, April 9th at the Salisbury Area Chamber of Commerce Business Center, 144 E. Main Street here in Salisbury.

The chamber is asking as many businesses/owners/operators to attend as possible, so please mark your calendar.

We look forward to a large turnout.


Ernie Colburn
SACC Interim Executive Director

Anonymous said...

I watched on the news when they found the Bushmaster in the trunk of the car outside. Tell me, when he shot all those kids, then himself inside the school, did he then run out to the car and put the Bushmaster in the trunk? Then, I guess he ran back inside and died?

Anonymous said...

11:40 same here strange how it gets changed around to suit

Anonymous said...

Oh surprise, surprise ... the Gov doesn't know jack just like our supposed leaders in Washington

Anonymous said...

It was a shotgun in the trunk.

Anonymous said...

says who did you see them take it out did you see a picture of it in the trunk did you see it in a picture next to the body or even in the school Heck no you didnt so dont say it wasnt in the trunk unless you can prove it

Anonymous said...

Sorry 12:44 nice try...He used the bushmaster to kill his mother and it was left in the trunk!!! hand guns with extended clips n shotgun