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Monday, April 29, 2013

Boy Suspended for Bringing Swiss Army Knife on School Camping Trip

A 10-year-old California boy was suspended and threatened with expulsion after he brought a Swiss Army Knife on a week-long school school camping trip.

Tony Bandermann told Fox News that his son Braden was on a science camping trip with his class at Garden Gate Elementary School in Cupertino, Calif.

According to a school incident report, the boy showed the small knife to other students who then reported him to teachers. The incident report stated that law enforcement was also notified. However, no charges were filed. 



Anonymous said...

This is what children are taught for being prepared on a camping trip.

But now he is punished.

But thugs stay in school.

Upside down world.

Anonymous said...

Take yor kids out of public schools Now.......nation wide vouchers would put the power back to the parents and not the "communist indoc centers" they call public education

Anonymous said...

this isnt like the pop tart or playing cops and robbers with fingers. this kid brought a knife. suspend is the right thing to do.

Anonymous said...

Law enforcement was notified?? My God, liberals are such worthless trash.

Anonymous said...

Exactly! I'm not sure when bringing a knife to school became ok!

Anonymous said...

obviously Anonymous 5:28 & 2:40 never went camping. It didn't say he brought it to school, he took it CAMPING. I'll bet sombody even had an axe. At least they should have. F-ing idiots.I'll bet some girls in school have fingernail files bigger than that.