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Tuesday, March 05, 2013

United Holds Connecting Flight So Passenger Can Get To Dying Mother

Given the current state of the airline industry and the nature of the stories that people send to us, it’s nice to hear the occasional account of airline staffers going to extra lengths to help a passenger out.
Consumer advocate Christopher Elliott has the story of a San Francisco man who had to make an unexpected trip Lubbock, TX, (via Houston) to see his mother before she passed away.


Anonymous said...

Big companies are made up of people like you and me. Some of us care, glad that this man found some that do.

Anonymous said...

Most of what is being passed off as normal these days has little to do with what is right or wrong.
This is not to say in the "legal sense." Just everyday common sense and compassion. We all basically know right and wrong when we see it but often do not act on it due to public pressure. I am certainly happy that this was not one of those times. I'm sure personal compassion had a good degree with how this was handled. Hurray for common sense for a change!! @