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Wednesday, February 20, 2013

House GOP Attacks Transportation Revenue Hikes; Miller Responds

Maryland House Republicans say the state needs better management of transportation revenue, not more taxes.

But Senate President Thomas V. Mike Miller responded Tuesday by calling them "Neanderthals in terms of their thinking."

The House GOP criticized several proposals made by the Senate president, including a 3 percent sales tax on a gallon of gas.

Delegate Herb McMillan, R-Anne Arundel, says the state has been spending too much on mass transit and not enough on the roads used by most residents.



Anonymous said...

"Neanderthals" this is the president of the senate. how dare anyone question a progressive position.

Gerald said...

Then you got the Daily Times story on how there is little to none money in county budgets to repair local roads, guess what folks, there is a big amount of money being taken away from the taxpayers of this county to fund a million dollar corporation, one that needs no financial help at all! I’m talking about the taxpayer dollars being used to offset the fees that US Air should be paying the County for the use of our county airport! US Air pays NO landing or takeoff fees what so ever! The local taxpayers pick up that tab! These fees are what keep airports running, and they are in the millions! Here not so much, but when ever dollar counts, it is time that this theft was reported and done away with! We need this money for our roads, schools, elderly, and police, not so Purdue can hop on a plane conveniently!

lmclain said...

No kidding. A politician who wants more taxes and fees? And one who doesn't think that spending every dime we have for the next 50 years (even before we COLLECT it!) is, in ANY way, wrong. I keep telling you --- they will not stop. EVER. You can elect whomever you want. It does not matter - they will spend everything, too. The ONLY way to stop them is at the end of a gun or rope. Otherwise, just accept it. It what they are counting on anyway, you sheep.

Anonymous said...

only the liv's (low information voters) vote this guy in everytime. he's another clueless liberal and just loves spending others money. someday the money will run out mikey...