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Friday, January 18, 2013

So Much For The Metal Can

NASA wants to throw out those aluminum home-away-from-homes that astronauts use in space. It is partnering with Nevada-based Bigelow Aerospace to build an inflatable room for the International Space Station. The $18 million test project will create a room that can be compressed into a 7-foot tube for delivery. It could also provide three times as much space and cost less than the metal modules. If the test is successful, NASA engineer Glen Miller says it could open the door for habitats on the moon and even Mars.


Anonymous said...

For many years I've been reading about NASA and what they do. I still don't see any reason for their existance. What have they given to this nation that is significant or meaning full to our exisitance.
I can imagine we have spent trillions on space , for what?
I don't think that anyone can give me a good explanation. How have we improved in anyway?

Anonymous said...

The list is endless, 1134, but you have to look it up on their site. Did you know they can grow enough liver tissue to make a new one for you 10 times faster than growing it in gravity? Thousands of experiments and many products are produces in space. That's why we're there. And in regards to your question, well, that's why you're still down here commenting on a blog....

Anonymous said...

they now have guns and lots of ammo so maybe they will be used for something else