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Friday, January 18, 2013

Change Maryland Chairman Larry Hogan On FY '14 Budget

Annapolis, MD - "This budget increases spending 4% over last year, to a record $37.3 billion, and does nothing more than continue the spend-and-tax governing that Martin O'Malley feels will further his political objectives.

"Nowhere in this budget document is any mention made to helping Maryland's blue collar workers and other regular working people. However, we're all told to wait for some undefined sales and gas tax increase later on that will hit poor people the hardest.

"Missing is any understanding whatsoever on how to bring jobs and businesses back to Maryland. Over 6500 small business have left Maryland during his term and the number of Fortune 500 companies is down to just three - some of the worst declines in this region. Maryland's manufacturing sector has likewise been decimated.

"Yet the governor proposes carve outs for favored industry sectors attempting to pick winners and losers in the economy. The only sector he has successfully chosen for job growth has been the gambling industry which led the state in job creation last year.

"Martin O'Malley also showed again today in the budget briefing slide show for reporters why he is the most partisan governor in America, lauding the President for wanting to raise the debt ceiling and blaming in advance the U.S. House of Representatives for any largess that may not come Maryland's way.

"Maryland is better than this."

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