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Sunday, January 20, 2013

In Reversal, Eight Unions Help Pay For Obama’s Second Inaugural

Unlike the celebrations surrounding his first swearing-in, President Obama’s inauguration committee has accepted money from unions as well as several corporations to help foot the bill for this year’s festivities, according to the latest list of inaugural contributors.

The 2013 Presidential Inaugural Committee updated a list of “benefactors” on its website Friday night to include eight unions and several major corporations.

In 2009, inaugural planners banned corporate and union donations and still managed to raise $53 million — all from individual donors.



Anonymous said...

I wonder what ob' has promised them in return for their investment. Nobody puts out that much money without a promise of a substantial return. Will they be surprised when they get the shaft instead.....

Anonymous said...

I hope they get the shaft....aside from the fact that most union dues get funneled to the shows how the unions still want to buy power.

Anonymous said...

paid for on the backs of the masses..... im suprised Obarry isnt charging admission on top

Anonymous said...

All they are doing is throwing a little bone obamas way so as to make everyone think they don't control him because they do.
Due to the fact that the obamas never had a pot to take a leak in they are now controlled by others and jump whenever the unions or big corporations say jump.

Anonymous said...

The unions are in for a rude awakening when the govt. requires them to maintain their funds in a govt account like social security and postal pension funds(which are now being confiscated to pay off welfare to Ob' voters, just like the govt did to the social security funds,) Union funds are next, or will it be our 401k's. No matter, govt will eventually take it all.