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Sunday, January 20, 2013


Concerned citizens gathered in state capitals nationwide Saturday to rally against stricter gun control measures, days after President Barack Obama unveiled a sweeping package of federal gun control proposals.

Roughly 800 people turned out in Austin, Texas, many carrying signs with messages like “An Armed Society is a Polite Society” and “The Second Amendment Comes from God.” Police in Connecticut said about 1,000 people showed up on the capitol grounds in Hartford, about 50 miles from the site of last month’s mass shooting at Newtown’s Sandy Hook Elementary School. Roughly 2,000 turned out in New York.

The event’s primary Facebook page lists more than 20,000 people as planning to attend.



Alex said...

For being so hardcore starspangled awesome, you gun nuts are way too paranoid.

Anonymous said...

>>>you gun nuts are way too paranoid.<<<

Actually, I'd characterize you simpering gun-control twerps as the paranoid freaks. The guys at these rallies aren't trying to limit the rights of other people because they feel 'threatened'.

Anonymous said...

No we are not paranoid we just believe in freedom.And as history proves gun control. laws alway preceed confiscation and communism.

Anonymous said...

February 8th there will be another rally at all state capitals. Please get the word out Joe.

John R. Aswell said...

I'm really aghast at the amount of pure ignorance everyone from Owe'Bamma&Biden to the average simple liberal as to solutions to the attacks against unarmed civilians. I apparently am alone in the theory of reduction of opportunity as the chief deterent in crime prevention. Case in point... The footballer T'eo.
Here is a man that is an established pathological liar who lives in a dream world. Nothing is out of bounds with him except a football!
I haven't heard ONE WORD about the chance he would go off the deep end and SHOULD BE at the top of the "Don't sell a gun to this man list".
I'm willing to bet, even after his part in the ruse he perpitrated, he STILL could today go to the local gun shop and BUY a handgun or long gun AND apply for a carry permit and GET IT! After all HE'S a STAR caliber NUT!
The solution is not in an in-animate piece of iron, its in the ANIMATOR.
I'm a very well traveled individual yet in my travels I have yet to find an address FREE OF
NUTS of all descriptions.
These are the part of the population that should be on the "cracker squad list" and be taken in check BEFORE they have the chance to harm the innocent...

John R. Aswell
Somerset County, Md.