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Friday, June 08, 2012

Campers Call Chick-fil-A Home For A Day For Giveaway

The parking lot of the new Chick-fil-A restaurant on Route 50 in West Ocean City turned into a vanilla Shakedown Street of sorts on Wednesday as dozens gathered and camped out for a chance to win a year’s supply of the popular chain’s offerings.

Since a store opening in Arizona in 2003, each new Chick-fil-A has hosted a “First 100 Celebration,” awarding the first 100 people in line with a free year’s supply. With the new store set to open yesterday morning, the line starting forming at 6 a.m. on Wednesday as tents were pitched, cots and beds were hauled out and Frisbees and footballs flew.

By 9 a.m. on Wednesday, the first 49 individuals were given wristbands marking their place in line and the crowd grew throughout mid-morning. The magic 100 number was finally reached around 7 p.m. on Wednesday night as the campers settled in anticipation of the early Thursday morning opening when they could redeem their prize.


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