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Friday, June 08, 2012

Motions Hearing In Ava Case Provides New Details

Stunning new details emerged yesterday afternoon during a motions hearing for the Ocean Pines man allegedly high on PCP when he crashed into a vehicle on Coastal Highway in December, seriously injuring a mother and her then-18-month-old daughter.

Tuesday’s testimony featured an admission that the suspect had smoked the drug while crossing the Route 90 bridge into the resort minutes before the collision and that he vaguely remembers making a left turn at the foot of the bridge and remembers almost nothing that happened after that.

Around mid-day on Dec. 16, 2011, Andre Kaczynski, 48, of Ocean Pines, crashed his Ford F150 pickup truck into the rear of a vehicle stopped at a traffic light on Coastal Highway at 142nd Street at speeds estimated between 70 moh and 100 mph, seriously injuring then-18-month-old Ava DelRicco and her mother. The child had to be extracted from the totaled vehicle and was flown to Hopkins in Baltimore.


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