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Monday, December 10, 2012

Too Much Religion At Military Academies?

West Point cadet revives charge.
Citing overt religiosity on campus, a West Point Academy cadet publicly quit this week just months before graduation. This is not the first time the military has come under fire for practices that nonreligious students see as aggressively evangelical.

When Blake Page announced this week that he was quitting West Point a few months before graduation, citing the overt religiosity on campus, he raised recurring questions about the pervasiveness and impact of evangelical Christianity within the ranks of the US military.
“I do not wish to be in any way associated with an institution which willfully disregards the Constitution of the United States of America by enforcing policies which run counter to the same,” Mr. Page wrote in his letter of resignation to the US Military Academy at West Point, in New York. 

He cites, among other things, routine prayers at mandatory events for cadets and the practice of awarding off-campus passes and credit to students who take part in religious retreats and chapel choirs. These activities, in turn, foster “open disrespect of non-religious new cadets,” Page argued, adding that he had been told at West Point that it was not possible for people to have morals without believing in God.



Anonymous said...

If he is a senior, I sure hope they make him pay the $ it costs to fund his nearly 4 years in college since cadets technically go to college tuition free. And maybe he should have researched that before he joined the USMA.

Anonymous said...

i agree he should have known or at least figured it out sooner. Maybe it is better if he is that slow that he is gone.Besides sometimes on the battlefield it is only you and god .If he doesnt know that he is in the wrong profession.

Anonymous said...

he possibly knew about this. He now has a free education and all he needs is one semester that he must have to get for a bachelor degree. PUT HIM IN THE ARMY AS PRIVATE AND SEND HIM TO AFGANISTAN for the same time he spent atWEST POINT.. THIS WOULD PARTIALY PAY FOR WHAT WE TAXPAYERS PAID FOR HIS EDUCATION.

Anonymous said...

The best part about this story is that he has an aunt and two cousins that live here in Salisbury. I was told he is planning a visit and stay with his cousin to get away from unwanted media attention.

I know this dude, he's prior service (Army) from early 1990's. NCO all the way with the ribbons and metals that he keeps in a small tin box (never see the light of day). Blakey babey is in for it

Anonymous said...

the part that was left out of SBY News summary was the fact that he was recently denied commission as an officer due to mental illness.