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Thursday, October 25, 2012

What's It Like Living In Downtown Salisbury?

Let me tell you first hand, it's fantastic.

Considering I spent so much time living and visiting New York City, Salisbury is a breeze. I do not believe most people realize just how many people actually live down here. While most come to Downtown Salisbury to work, most do not get to see the daily traffic after 5:00 PM.

Over the last seven months I have spent a lot of time taking walks around the Downtown area getting to meet the people who live here. I also get to meet a lot of the people who walk through the Downtown area at night.

I often hear people say, I wouldn't walk through Downtown Salisbury at night. My answer is, well, it's your loss then. I have never met a single person out of line. Every single person always says hello, including the homeless walking around the Downtown area. Everyone is courteous and polite.

Yeah, you might get the occasional, do you have a cigarette or a dollar but believe me when I tell you, Downtown Salisbury at night is very safe and inviting. I should add, if you didn't know, there are many video cameras Downtown to go directly to the Police Station. They monitor the Downtown area 24/7 from one end to the other.

As far as conveniences, well, the Downtown area could use a small grocery store in walking distance. There's no doubt in my mind that if someone were to open a small store they would do very well. They could consider items for apartment/condo living. I also believe a small Laundry Mat would also do well down here. Again, within walking distance.

If we are to revitalize Downtown Salisbury successfully, these are just some of the ideas needed to help economic development and the convenience of City living.

Mind you, living in the City is not for every one. However, I grew up enjoying incredible architecture in New York City and Washington, D.C.. If you take the time and actually look at the buildings down here, they're incredible as well.

Salisbury has so much potential. However, no one in the past 16 years has truly grasped that potential. We look at Annapolis, Easton, St. Michaels, Cambridge, Berlin and other small Downtown areas and Salisbury has set idle. I want to change that. I want to be your next Mayor because I have a vision. I have the business experience and know how to make the Downtown area vibrant again.

Look, we can't just give up like Barrie Tilghman and Jim Ireton did. Somewhere along the line we have to realize that the Downtown area is here to stay. Once we realize we can't bulldoze the entire area like some have suggested we can open our minds with incredible ideas and revitalize Downtown Salisbury to be just like, (if not a whole lot better) than other Cities.

I have owned 300 W. Main Street for several years now. For the past 2 or 3 years I have come here every week day to work and as you know for the past seven months I have enjoyed living down here. I have enjoyed spending money in local businesses to help support them. I want to spend the next 3 years, (at least) convincing you that Downtown Salisbury is a GREAT investment. As your next Mayor I want you to know you can visit the Downtown area at night and feel perfectly comfortable. More importantly I want citizens to be PROUD to say they live in Salisbury.

Salisbury should be setting the bar for other Cities to follow. If we work together we can make that happen. Let me say this as well. Don't think for a second I'm not thinking about ALL of Salisbury. I have great concerns and ideas outside the Downtown area. I'm simply trying to impress upon every one that again, the Downtown area of Salisbury is here to stay. Ignoring it any longer is a disaster just waiting to happen.


Anonymous said...

I lived there for a short time and Joe you are so right. I never felt unsafe at night. Not once. I have felt unsafe walking into Super Gaint because of the people that travel the rail lines. You are so right about this.

Anonymous said...

Joe, we also need a grocery store where SuperFresh use to be. I drive by there frequently & see college kids going to the gas station for groceries. I sure wouldn't want my kid spending my or their money on groceries from a convenience store. Wish one of the supermarkets would go into that store. Our choices are so limited (especially if you're not fond of "the big box store".

Anonymous said...

I wish I had the same experience you did Joe. I lived there for about seven months and begged my landlord to let me out of my lease (and thank God he did!!). Fecal matter in the allies, roaches/water beetles/bugs/whatever you wanna call them, smelled all the time, homeless hanging out in front of the tvs at wmdt, lugging groceries down the plaza, no parking...just awful. I bet in a few years it will be nice, but for now, no thank you!

Anonymous said...

I have to agree. We need to do something downtown because its not going to go away.

From what I have been reading here it sounds like your ideas won't cost the taxpayers so I'm all for it.

Anonymous said...

Joe, if you lose the election will you move back to Delmar or will you continue to live downtown?

Anonymous said...

I think an Amish Market would be a draw to downtown. There would need to be a facility large enough to accomidate. Joe, in your free time if you haven't already visited Spence's Bazaar in Downtown Dover DE I would suggest you go. It's open on Tues and Fri's for sure and I believe on Sat's now. A similar venture in Sby doesn't have to be as large with the flea market and auction but something along the lines of Spences would boost the downtown dramatically.

Anonymous said...

Your building is by far the most beautiful.

JoeAlbero said...

anonymous 1:09, I'm going to be completely honest with my answer to your question.

If I/you lose this election I will not continue to live in Downtown Salisbury.

My Wife and Grandson are my life. Do you have ANY idea what we have been through over the past 7 years. Have you read some of the extremely nasty things people like Jonathan Taylor and others had dedicated every waking breath attacking my Wife and our children.

I have been arrested, sued multiple times. Our lives have been threatened numerous times. We have found dead and decapitated animals at the end of our driveway in Delmar as we were bringing our Grandson to the Bus. We have found more than 500 rounds of ammunition on our property as our dogs scared someone off.

No one you have ever known has had to put up with more crap in their entire lifetime.

I am running for Mayor because I represent each and every one of you who have been trampled on. I'm running for Mayor because it makes me sick to my stomach watching corruption everywhere we look. Special interests getting everything they want while we the people end up paying for those payoffs.

I am a retired successful businessman who can deliver everything it takes to make Salisbury a much better place to live and work.

That being said, I have said this from the very beginning, "This isn't Joe Albero's election to lose. It's the citizens' election to lose". If I'm not elected I can pretty much say we will strongly consider selling off each and every property we own on the Eastern Shore and more than likely pack our bags and move to the Carolina's.

IF the citizens opt to keep things exactly as they have been for the past 16 years under Tilghman and Ireton, I'm done with Salisbury Maryland and yes that includes Salisbury News.

Eight years has been long enough. I have fought the good fight honorably. I spend 18 hours a day on most days giving back to this community. If I haven't proven I am worthy of the next level by becoming your next Mayor, it's time for me to step down, walk away and let Salisbury slip right back to the 1950's again.

I'm sorry for the long reply but I want to be open and honest with all of you. I divided myself from my Family for the very last time in my life. I will fulfill my commitment as a full time Mayor, not a part time Mayor. I will accept the $25,000.00 a year for 2 years and I will turn Salisbury around, should I get elected.

However, just remember all the sacrifices we've done for one year BEFORE the election for the good of the people. If I'm not elected, trust me, we will have heard your voices through your votes and we will move on.

Anonymous said...

Joe, your comment at 2:21 says it all for me.

Anonymous said...

You've got my vote, Joe.

Anonymous said...

You have every right to feel this way Joe.

Anonymous said...

People get out and vote for Joe. He can't leave!

Anonymous said...

Joe if you don't win, who is going to tell us how bad things really are?

JoeAlbero said...

anonymous 3:03, certainly not the Daily Times, WBOC or WMDT.

Anonymous said...

You got that right Joe! That is exactly why we need you to stay. Mayor or Not you belong here!!!!

Shawn said...

Joe, thanks for answering my question truthfully, I can't say I blame you for wanting to move out of the area with all you have been through.

It would be a shame to lose salisbury news as you are a go to place for getting information that the MSM chooses to ignore.

Just one more question, say you do lose this election and you choose to sell everything and move, with all the pay it forward things this site does would you offer it to someone else in the community to step up and take over the reigns or would you totally shut it down, keep the domain name and make someone start from scratch again?

Anonymous said...

Things will turn around under you raine.

JoeAlbero said...

Shawn, I have one person in mind, should I choose to take that route. Time will tell.

Anonymous said...

Good choice.

Anonymous said...

Joe you need some antique looking light fixtures on your building. They would look great. BTW I am voting for you.

Anonymous said...

Your home is BEAUTIFUL. It's long been the best looking building downtown!

Anonymous said...

Totally agree about the downtown area. The city is missing an opportunity.

You've offered some great examples in the past and I'll offer one more, the historic district in Wilmington, NC. It was nice to be able to walk to most places we wanted to see and still feel like we were in a small town. At the same time, shopping and beaches were an easy drive away.

Good luck getting past all the petty jealosies that prevent the city from acting at all.