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Sunday, October 28, 2012

The Eastern Shore Depends On Salisbury News

It's interesting to watch from our end the daily traffic on Salisbury News. Whenever Breaking News comes about, we're usually the first ones to break the news and we see an instant spike in traffic.

However, when there's something like a hurricane, (like we're seeing with Sandy) the traffic just goes through the roof.

Clearly the Eastern Shore is depending on the information we provide to keep them abreast of the situation because our weekend numbers are more than double what a normal weekend would be. 

We'll continue to keep you on top of what's going on throughout our region and we thank those sources who continue to provide updates as we prepare for this storm.

I have seen an image of the West Ocean City flooding already and we are trying to convert that image. However, it's not good. Keep in mind, the storm hasn't even really hit us yet and many of the streets are already under water.

You may consider offering refuge to Family and Friends living in the Ocean City, West Ocean City and Ocean Pines area over the next three days.

If you are not aware, the Delmar School District has closed on Monday.

Thanks for visiting and we'll continue to do our best keeping you updated in REAL TIME and FREE of charge.


Anonymous said...

But will there be Halloween this year?

Thanks for all your hard work Joe.

Anonymous said...

And you don't try 2 bilk a few bucks out of us! But I'll tell ya, I'd pay 4 Salisbury News long b4 I'd pay 4 that crap the SDT puts on line!

Tim Chaney said...

Full moon creating extremely high tides and this storm is not a good combination.

Anonymous said...

If Delmar shares busses with Wicomico County, why has Frederickson not called it yet? Does he really think this "may" pass by us?

Anonymous said...

Can you please tell me why Wicomico hasn't called school. JMB High is already a shelter. Every county around us has called. Why wait till 6am Mon to call school.

Anonymous said...

State Employees are mandatory back up for the Red Cross shelters.The first team reported to Bennett Middle this morning. This storm looks pretty bad. Mr. Joe, I appreciate you keeping us informed but PLEASE bring your family to your home in Salisbury or go to be with them in Delmar and keep us posted as you can. At times like this, a family needs to be together. I have already checked in with my elderly friends, family and extented family members. I pray for all who will be hit during this storm.

Anonymous said...

I am 3:13 and apologise. I am making a correction. The shelter is at James M Bennett High School. Not the Middle School.

JoeAlbero said...

anonymous 3:13, not to worry. Our Family is sticking together during the storm.