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Sunday, October 28, 2012


County braces for Hurricane Sandy

October 28, 2012 - Salisbury, MD – Wicomico County Executive Richard M. Pollitt, Jr. has issued a Declaration of Emergency for segments of Wicomico County in anticipation of storm force winds and torrential rains that are expected Sunday, October 28th. Executive Pollitt is urging citizens to dial the hurricane hotline, 211, for all storm-related information.  Do not dial 911.

Evacuation Details:

Residents in the following areas are encouraged to voluntarily evacuate beginning at 9:00am today and to complete the process by 4:00pm today, October 28th. Heavy rains and strong winds are anticipated to begin Sunday afternoon.

The Zip Codes designated for voluntary evacuations are:
·         All of 21840 Nanticoke Post Office, west of Nebo Rd
·         All of 21814 Bivalve Post Office, west of Nebo Rd
·         All of 21865 Tyaskin Post Office, west of Nebo Rd
·         All of 21856 Quantico Post Office, west of Nebo Rd

In the City of Salisbury:
·         Residential homes and condominiums on Canal Park Drive in the Canal Woods Community

To view the interactive map of the area within the voluntary evacuation zone go to our website and click on the link located under Evacuation Details. Besides alerts from the news media, affected residents will be notified by a pre-recorded phone call and loudspeaker announcements from fire and police vehicles. After speaking first hand with local emergency and public health personnel, Pollitt suggested the voluntary evacuation of segments of the county in low-lying areas where moderate to major flooding is expected. 

Citizens are urged to seek shelter with friends/relatives or at a motel or hotel outside of the evacuation area. If this is not possible, shelter is available at the James M. Bennett High School, 300 East College Avenue, Salisbury, MD. The shelter opens today at 9:00am and is pet-accommodating.  Evacuations will be focused on disaster response as it relates to ensuring public safety. There will be no Immigration Enforcement or I.C.E. operations associated with disaster preparedness, evacuations, sheltering, return or recovery.

The Wicomico County Department of Emergency Services is continuing to monitor the situation in conjunction with representatives from surrounding counties, local government representatives and first responders, the National Weather Service and the Maryland Emergency Management Association (MEMA).

If citizens plan to use the James M. Bennett shelter, it is suggested that they bring these items:

       Special items for infant, elderly or disabled members of the household
       A change of clothes (several changes) 
       List of allergies to any drug (especially antibiotics) or food 
       Copy of health insurance and identification cards 
       Extra prescription eye glasses, hearing aid or other vital personal items 
       Toothbrush and toothpaste 
       Blankets or sleeping bags
       Waterless hand soap
       Games, books etc.
       Baby food & diapers
       Toiletries: moist towelettes, toilet paper, garbage bags & ties for personal sanitation
       Blankets or sleeping bags for each person
       Prescription medications
       Important Documents

For pets: Don’t forget to move outdoor pets inside during the peak storm period.  All outdoor pet items such as doghouses, hutches, bowls, etc. should be secured. 
·         If sheltering, prepare a “Go-Kit” for your pets/service animals (food, crate, medications, rabies vaccination records/medical records, ID tags, leash, etc.). You are responsible to walk your pet at designated times

The Humane Society will be closed due to the anticipated hours of emergency sheltering until normal business hours on Thursday, November 1, 2012.  Animal Control will function as normal until weather conditions deteriorate to unsafe conditions for travel.

Ferries: Both the Upper Ferry and the Whitehaven Ferry are expected to close today at 5pm. However, please call the Ferry Hotline at 410-543-2765 to make certain they are operating.

Landfill/Transfer Stations: The Landfill and transfer stations are expected to close today by 5pm. Call the Solid Waste Division for more information 410-548-4935.

We will continue to provide updates as the storm progresses and more information is made available.

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