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Friday, August 31, 2012

State Department: 'Hold Down The Fort,' Other Common Phrases Could Be Offensive

Watch your mouth -- everyday phrases like "hold down the fort" and "rule of thumb" are potentially offensive bombshells.

At least according to the State Department.

Chief Diversity Officer John Robinson penned a column in the department's latest edition of "State Magazine" advising readers on some rather obscure Ps and Qs.



Anonymous said...

How about phrases like:

"vote the liberals, Socialists and Marxists out of our Government"!!

Think that might be offensive?

Anonymous said...

2 words:

Anonymous said...

I think the phrase "Liberals are retards" might be offensive.

Daddio said...

I'm offended that there are governmental employees with so much time on their hands that they have nothing better to do than to trump up reasons why things are offensive.

Can we fire them, and save the taxpayers some $$$?