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Friday, August 31, 2012

Baltimore Sun Hypocrisy On DUIs

In Maryland if you plan to be a drunken public servant be sure to be a Democrat

Go ahead and take a deep breath. No, a really deep breath. I’ll wait… there, did you smell it? No, not that – that’s Annapolis, where the stink of incompetence hangs most heavily from January to April (and over every special session in between).

This stench - this vile bouquet – is the nauseating odor of hypocrisy, practiced by both political parties but perfected – especially in this state – by the Democrats. And it is that double standard that has been parading about in full plumage since Republican Delegate Don Dwyer was implicated in a boating accidentthat – through the delegate’s own admission – involved a copious amount of ingested alcohol.

“He failed seven out of eight measures in a ‘walk-and-turn’ assessment,” a police incident report read, including being unable to maintain balance and walk in a straight line. The same report noted that he also failed four out of four measures in a ‘‘one-leg stand” assessment, all of which point to someone who is obviously inebriated.


1 comment:

Anonymous said...

I didn't read the whole thing but, what does this prove other than there is a set of rules for us, and a different set of rules for them?

Them being the ones in charge i.e. police, judges, lawmakers, politicians, etc.

Most normal people already knew that decades ago. Now MSM finally gets on board?

Oh wait, that wasn't even MSM was it? That explains that.