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Friday, August 31, 2012

Delegation Diva

8 and counting.

That's how many Republican National Conventions Ellen Sauerbrey has now attended now that she has spent a week here in Tampa as a member of the Maryland delegation.

You could call her the matriarch of the Maryland GOP delegation. A well deserved distinction for one of the great politicians who has ever graced the halls of the State House in Annapolis.

And she wears it well. More on that in a minute.



Anonymous said...

ellen is a wonderful person and a great leader. she would have made a fantastic governor for the state of maryland but for dead people voting and boxes being stuffed with ineligible voters. wow, acorn was even working in our state back then. wonder if their still there today. hmmmm.

Anonymous said...

10:39 --

She typifies what is wrong with MD's GOP.