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Tuesday, July 10, 2012

SU Social Work Students Give Back To The Community

From a "senior" prom to an anti-bullying program to a host of fundraisers, Salisbury University students in Eileen Gilheany's Practice III Macro Social Work class learned ways to more effectively work with and for community organizations. In the end, they raised some $6,725, in addition to collecting food, clothing, school supplies and more.



Anonymous said...

That's very nice , but have you taught them how to fish?
This will feed them for a lifetime.

Anonymous said...

8:53 - Hey! Debbie Downer! It's too early in the morning for your negativity. Knock it off.

Anonymous said...

Why is the absolute truth 'negativity' 8:57?
Is collecting food, clothing etc and giving it to people really going to help them? How about teaching them how to read and write more effectively? Prepare a resume and fill out jobs apps.?
Instead of a "bag of hope" consisting of "a brand new duffel bag packed with clothes, toys and grooming supplies" wouldn't a mentoring program be more beneficial to these foster children?

Anonymous said...

Where are these so called jobs you think everyone can find. They do not exist. So I guess we just let everyone go naked and hungry. My daughter is one of those social work students. She works with children and families and helps towards finding employment keeping kids In there homes instead of foster homes. You nastys need to get a grip. There are very few jobs 10s of thousands of people living below poverty level that do work. You need to get out from behind your computer and visit the real world instead of knocking others for the GOOD they are doing while you sit back and complain. It could be you next. Nothing is ever promised you could wake up tomorrow with nothing and need help. Even Joe has helped the needy of Salisbury with food and dont you remember his coat drive. I guess he is just a bleeding heart liberal too. Lol