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Tuesday, July 10, 2012


Woman Fired For Refusing to Accept EBT Card as Payment for Cigarettes *Video Commentary*

Sixty five year old Jackie Whiton, a cashier at a local convenience store, was in hot water with her boss recently. Apparently, she refused to sell cigarettes to an individual who attempted to pay for them with his Electronic Benefits Transfer card (the government’s preferred method of nutritional food assistance). Ms. Whiton didn’t realize that EBT allowed card holders to not only purchase food, but cigarettes and alcohol as well. When she was made aware of the law by her boss, she held fast to her position, telling her boss that she would refuse to sell cigarettes to anyone attempting to make payment with EBT/Food Stamps.

She was promptly terminated.

Ms. Whiton maintains that she’s all for the government’s nutritional food assistance program – when it’s used to for essential goods… like food:

“This is what the taxpayer’s hard-earned dollars are going toward,” she said. “There are a few people of course who are against me, and they are probably card holders.”



Anonymous said...

Why not cigarettes. They trade for crack, heroin, whiskey anyway...
The Government is pathetic.

Anonymous said...

Me and my husband went to Fat Boys Seafood this past Sunday a woman with a brand new car went in and bought 150.00 worth of shrimp on a Independence Card.Here me and my husband are driving a 1992 Ford and paying for our sandwich with cash.We could only afford a oyster sandwich but we both work.Yes the goverment does suck!!!Just keep handing out our tax dollars to these undeserving people how in the hell do you get a new car on Food stamps?Only in the USA!

Anonymous said...

Now that's worth getting fired over - stick to your guns lady - I agree wholeheartedly - if you want food with your card ok - but anything else - absolutely NOT.

Anonymous said...

My blessings to the lady. Things are getting more more stupid the longer Obama and the Democrats are in office. My thoughts are the same 4:07.

Anonymous said...

Crabs, shrimp, fish, etc. are FOOD. Hence why it's called SeaFOOD.

Anonymous said...

DONT YOU GET IT....This has been going on since Reagan ..Remember the welfare queens.. Its time to dismantle the social welfare system in this country...They have been collecting billions upon billions for decades but still fail to cure the poverty cancer. In fact the system needs them to stay right were they are in order to justify the you get it now...Now take this approach to every aspect of governme do the math and you get how we got here. Now they want to expand this concept.

Jim said...

Unemployment benefits should be able to purchase any item a regular credit card does. Food stamps, however, is a different story.

Anonymous said...

I had to resort to food stamps last year. My regular shopping trips ti the grocery were paid with the card, which, to me, was an embarassing situation, as I had never been in this position. I bought my usual burger, chicken, and day to expire upper cuts for the freezer. I got the bulk packs and quart freezer bags to freeze serving size meals..

After 3 months, I called in and found I had almost $1000 still left on my card! WHAT? Yes, food stamps pay way more than is necessary to feed a family, so I went to Fat Boys and bought seafood BECAUSE it was over $4 a pound, and to Giant to get the live lobster at $whatever a pound just to use it and not lose it!
I think first the program gives more than double what it takes to give a family survival food.
Cut it in half at least.

Anonymous said...

You don't have to explain nothing to the masses. I'm employed and wish I could I could receive food assistance. These people need to mind their own business. If they had no money, receiving unemployment along with the food card; they too would do the same thing. Furthermore, I'm glad the she (the cashier) was fired. It was not her place to do such a thing. Kudo's to the boss.

Anonymous said...

It's a cashiers job to push buttons on the register, not to implement their own little policies.

She was fired for not doing her job and justly so.