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Tuesday, July 10, 2012

Socialism Is A One-Way Street To Oblivion

We are all aware of the slippery slope that the profligate spending of our politicians has put our nation on, and those who are honest enough to admit it know that the mighty United States of America is headed for a fiscal disaster that, if our course is not drastically altered, will shake the very foundations of our stability and reduce the greatest nation the world has ever known to a Greece-like shell complete with social upheaval and worthless currency.

When we think about the ramifications of our decades of foolishness, we tend to be concerned about the social fall out, the unemployment, the effect on take home pay, the quality of life and the unpleasant and painful changes in America.



Anonymous said...

Obama's drivin' the bus.

Anonymous said...

You know, Sweden, Norway, Finland, etc. seem to be doing just fine.