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Saturday, July 28, 2012

O'Malley Calls Special Session For Next Month

For the second time, since the legislative session ended in April, Governor Martin O'Malley is calling state lawmakers back to Annapolis for a special session.

The session which will begin on August 9, and  will deal with the issue of expanded gambling.

Lawmakers will consider a bill to add table games, and a sixth casino in Prince George's County, most likely at the National Harbor Resort.



Anonymous said...

There is a saying something like, a fool and his money will soon part.

Anonymous said...

Yes, and it will cost the taxpayers about $20,000.00 for each member that shows up.

Anonymous said...

Here comes additional tax increases.

Anonymous said...

How much does these special sessions cost tax payers per day? This is the second special session called this year. You idiots need to quit voting for Democrats.