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Saturday, July 28, 2012

Exodus Out Of Tax-Funded Schools In Major Cities

Parents are pulling their children out of the government schools. This is happening across the USA.

In city after city, enrollment is declining. This is not a recent development. It has been going on for a half a decade. It has taken place in half of the nation’s largest districts.

The trend looks irreversible.

As the Web offers better programs free of charge, the public schools cannot compete. The inner city schools are catastrophic. They are getting worse. As whites ans Asians flee the cities, the inner-city schools get worse.

The tax base shrinks. The teachers union demands more pay and smaller classes. The city governments are trapped. Solution: cut programs, fire teachers, and enlarge classes back to (horror!) 1959?s 33 students.

Nobody is supposed to talk about this. It is time to talk about it. Public education will not recover. The longer the decline takes place, the more parents will conclude that there is only one solution: pull their kids out.

At some point, voters will not pass any more bond issues. They will not consent to higher property taxes. They will let the public schools sink.

The only established church in the USA will find fewer members. The only kids will be those whose parents do not have the money to pull them out.

The New York Times reports: “Urban districts like Philadelphia and Columbus, Ohio, are facing an exodus even as the school-age population has increased.”

The exodus has begun. “Let my people go!”



Anonymous said...

PLease leave the teachers alone... I mean they are the Democraps last chance to get a vote out of the students they are teaching and wharping kids minds so they no longer believe in God.

Please leave the Teachers alone!

Anonymous said...

WOW ! it's about time. i've been singing this song for at least 30 years or more. government schools have been in decline for more years than i want to remember and our children have suffered. not only are they NOT educated, they ARE indoctrinated in the socialist/marxist doctrine.

so very sad what has happened to our country because parents were and are in the proverbial warm water and are being cooked to death and won't realize it until it's too late. they were warned over and over and over to no avail.

remember, you only get ONE opportunity to educate your children properly. don't continue to screw it up by using the government schools.

i don't want to hear about all the great teachers in the system. yes, there are SOME great teachers still remaining, but not many. get it??? wake up before it's too late.

Anonymous said...

The total priority has been minority and at risk kids. Untold millions spent and scores for those students continue to drop while the rest get almost nothing spent on them.