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Tuesday, July 03, 2012

Breaking News

As of 3:50PM Route 50 East bound is shut down at the Royal Farms in Hebron. Two vehicle accident one suv has flipped over. Jaws of life are being used to extract patients now. There is only one West bound lane open at this point. Pictures to follow.


Scott said...

Until the state highway administration decides to do something about this intersection, accidents will keep on happening.
I live on White Lowe Road, and I have to keep watching out for these idiots who keep trying to cross the highway into on coming traffic and the idiots who don't obey the stop sign either on 50 and White Lowe Road or the Stop sign on White Lowe and Royalty way at the Royal Farms entrance.

I voiced my concerns before this was built and now we are paying the price for this! Calls to the State Police and Sheriffs office go unnoticed! I guess they are busy writing tickets for revenue enhancement!

Anonymous said...

just like when they took the cloverleaf out at rt 50. made 0 sence!

Anonymous said...

i like the sign on 50 on your way to OC at a cross intersection stop sign.

it has the stop sign then directly below says, LOOK AGAIN.

they need more signs like that to remind these dumbos that they cant trust their first judgement every time.

Anonymous said...

Everybody is in a big damn hurry. Slow down, look both ways and wait until all is clear!! You'll live longer!!!

Anonymous said...

They need a traffic light there

Anonymous said...

Police can't drive the car for you. It's not their responsibility to make YOU look BOTH WAYS or YIELD to traffic. SELF RESPONSIBILITY!!!!

Anonymous said...

Its time for the same old SHA solution- J-turns.

Anonymous said...

The State Police and the Sheriff's office have nothing to do with that intersection. What do you want them to do sit there and do traffic control. Contact your state represenative and SHA about putting in a signal.

Anonymous said...

Get a round=a=bout dummies! They work.

Anonymous said...

They need to make it like the crossovers at Rockawalkin, Memory Gardens and Main St Hebron. No more crossovers there. Go up the road and make a U-Turn.

Anonymous said...

This is an extremely dangerous intersection. You have cars heading east coming around a corner and the cars heading west are still going 65+ from the bypass. Good luck...

Anonymous said...

any updates on victims

Anonymous said...

Keep your jug handles and round a bouts in jersey. They are about as asinine as you are in this situation.

Don't need a traffic light either.

It's really not that hard to cross there, or anywhere.

When it's clear, you move to the center. If it's not clear, you WAIT until it is clear, then you move to center.

From center, WAIT until it's CLEAR, then proceed.

It's just that simple.

And just because there is a space in-between vehicles does NOT mean it is safe for you to try and fit into that space.

Here's where a little driving skill is needed. You have to JUDGE the speed of those vehicles, LOOK to see if any other traffic will hinder your move, and LOOK AGAIN.

If it's clear, and you can SAFELY enter traffic, SIGNAL your intentions and proceed CAREFULLY.

I know driving with some common sense and common courtesy is a rare and different concept for some of you but it can be done.

Don't assume the other guy will move for you, don't even assume the other guy SEES you. You have to drive for two people.

Yourself and the other guy. Chances are good that he can't drive for himself and needs the help.

Everyone will get to where they are going, safely, efficiently, and with lower stress levels.

I know you can do it if you just try.

Anonymous said...

50% of the problem is people not traveling the speed limit.

Anonymous said...

10:41 AM

That should read, not travelling with the FLOW of traffic.