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Monday, June 04, 2012

Verizon Has Chance To Take Away Super-Cheap Plan, Doesn't Take It

Based on what you read here, all telecommunications companies are money vacuums that exist solely to find excuses to kick customers off perfectly good plans and extract as much money as possible. Right? Well...maybe not. Stephen doesn't use his phone much, and is perfectly happy buying one $100 prepaid card per year to keep it activated, paying 35 cents per minute to make actual calls. Verizon has had a few opportunities over the years to take this plan away from him, but they never do. And he appreciates it.

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Anonymous said...

At&t has a plan that is $100 per year and .10 cent per minute!

Anonymous said...

35 cents a minute is a deal?

Anonymous said...

At least in this case, the phone is used for that which it is intended. Might be worth the price.